What is a mug?

Mugs have a variety of very diverse definitions, mugs are often we are familiar with the name of the cup. But in general, a mug is a place used for drinking that is usually used to put hot drinks such as tea, coffee, milk or hot chocolate. By definition or meaning, the mug is where a drink or cup that can to accommodate the volume of more drinks when compared with other types of cups. In general, a mug has a volume that can accommodate drinks of approximately 12 ounces or 350 ml or twice the volume size that can be accommodated by ordinary teacups. But while certain official events, mugs are not always used as a place for hot drinks, but more often used for decorative souvenirs that can make the impression artistic and interesting. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the best insulated coffee mug.

Mugs are actually long known in the ancient times. Based on the research results obtained the fact that the use of cups has been known during ancient times. Ancient cups generally use materials derived from wood, bone, clay, and rocks. In this modern era, mug technology has been using materials that are more efficient but durable as using basic materials of pottery, porcelain, China ceramics, stoneware, and others.

Even with the development of technology, mugs today have been using plastic materials, stainless steel, glass and other materials that we often encounter with Tupperware products, tumbler, and others. In addition to having a strong endurance, mugs at this time not only used as a beverage container but also as souvenirs, gifts, or decoration or decoration.

For that reason, we come up with new innovations, provide a wide selection of mugs to you. Whether it’s for you to use as a mug that gives the characteristics of your personality, or you use as a gift or gift to your loved ones.

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