Understanding SEO and SEM for Beginners in Digital Marketing

SEO and SEM will often be found if you are just starting out in the digital marketing world. This SEO and SEM aims to increase traffic in terms of promotion and marketing of sales of products for both goods and services. To understand it, let’s discuss one by one with New York SEO Company – Charles Brian International. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization is a strategy or a series of systematic techniques to place a website or blog on the main page of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and potential according to the specified keywords. Doing SEO requires skill and perseverance. In addition, doing SEO also requires analytical, competitive and strategic skills. This is due to the need for analysis to examine what keywords or keywords will be targeted.

Technically, SEO requires a minimum of three months to get optimal results. The main purpose of doing SEO is to increase visitor traffic or visits with targeted keywords. One of the main indicators of SEO success is the higher position of websites or blogs with certain keywords in search engines. The higher the position of a website or blog with certain keywords in search engines, the higher the visitor or visitor who visits the website or blog.

SEM is an abbreviation for Search Engine Marketing. Just like SEO, SEM also has the purpose of getting a website or blog display on the main page of the Search Engine Result Page. SEM users are generally identical to product offerings. Usually, SEM users who advertise du search engines are online shops that have products or services to sell. Although there are, generally very rarely found SEM users who promote writing content only. What distinguishes SEO and SEM is in terms of cost. SEM is an internet marketing trick that requires money, while free SEO is free. Technically, Search Engine Marketing payments are generally done by way of pay per click or with the conditions of how long. SEM results will quickly be seen from how much funds are allocated. SEM serves to increase visitors and popularity, as well as the keywords that will be targeted. Both SEO and SEM have different levels of difficulty.

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