This Is The Importance Of Perfect Carpet Drying

Everyone would agree that the carpet can bring a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home. This happens because the carpet is made of various materials that can be selected according to the needs and tastes of the owner of the house. so, usually, the homeowners will use the carpet in accordance with the room they are using. For that, the cleanliness of the carpet must also be considered properly. Use the services of the hills carpet cleaning to get quality and perfect carpet cleaning.

Not only in carpet cleaning, but you also have to pay attention to the drying process of the carpet. The carpet that has just been washed must be dried completely and not moist because the moist carpet can actually be home for germs and bacteria for the body on the carpet.

To dry the carpet, you can do it outdoors when the sun is not too hot. Avoid drying in the hot sun because it can make the color of the carpet fade. In addition, drying the carpet directly under the hot sun outdoors can make the carpet easily exposed to dust again. For that, you can hang your carpet on the porch of your house or fence if you have shade on top.

The place to dry it can be by providing three chairs to support the right, middle, and left of the carpet. Add a load on the top of the carpet that has been spread over the three chairs so that it doesn’t sag or fall to the floor. Leave the carpet in a sun-dried position like that and check regularly to make sure the carpet is dry or not. When the carpet surface is dry, you can turn the carpet to dry the bottom of the carpet and make sure there is no water dripping from the surface of the carpet.

By drying the carpet in the sun, all bacteria and fungi can disappear and there is nothing left on the carpet.

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