These are the List of Countries that Legitize Bitcoin as a Transaction Tool

Bitcoin is indeed the most widely used virtual currency for investment. You can also use it by getting it in mamooti. With the existence of this virtual money, it makes people feel more secure because of minimal loss and theft.

Here are some countries that have made bitcoin a legal currency and you can use it there.

1. United States
At first, bitcoin originated and developed in the United States. This is what makes the development of bitcoin him Uncle Sam’s country much better when compared to other countries.
However, the use of bitcoin in the US is not too many in number that is about 25%. This use is mostly for online shopping payments. In fact, bitcoin can be used to pay for tuition and other bills.
However, not all tourists who want to go to the US are required to show ownership of bitcoin. It is mandatory to report on digital money ownership worth more than US $ 10,000. This is to ensure the financial and security status of the tourist in that country.

2. Japan
The Japanese government has authorized bitcoin as the legal currency for digital transactions. This endorsement is marked by the number of retailers who receive payments with bitcoins. The number of stores that receive digital payments with bitcoin has more than 4,500 outlets. Like the Nikkei that experienced a surge in transactions after working with bitcoin towards the end of 2017.

3. Denmark
Denmark is a highly technologically advanced country. Denmark is also the country most often campaigns and persuasion about the elimination of cash and replace it with the digital currency. This is what makes this country legalize the use of bitcoin in various transactions such as transfers, payments, until purchase.
Although the country is very open to the use of bitcoin, Denmark still cannot say 100% legal digital currency. That’s because the financial authorities in Denmark still do not recognize bitcoin as the official currency with some consideration. However, bitcoin can be a means of transactions in Denmark.

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