Some of these things can help you protect various important information on the internet

Everyone certainly has various accounts on the internet, ranging from email accounts, social media, even online bank accounts that are on mobile phones. All these accounts certainly have personal information from the owners. So, what you have to do is protect the personal information so that data theft does not occur. Use multi factor authentication to secure your account and ensure that the account cannot be entered by unknown people double factor authentication.

There are several things that can help you protect data theft on the internet. some of the things meant here are

– Always do an update on the antivirus you are using
Theft of personal data is done by malware that is installed secretly when you install another application. You might not be able to detect it manually. For this reason, you need an antivirus program to check periodically. Set your antivirus to do a thorough automatic checking every time you have finished installing an application. Don’t forget, make sure your antivirus is always up to date because data theft thieves will always be updated.

– Don’t download various applications other than on trusted sites
Applications that are not clear, of course, can not be accounted for the quality and safety. Therefore, never try to install an application that you downloaded the APK version from unfamiliar sources. Let alone such wild applications, even applications that are on trusted sites are not necessarily safe and secure.

– Always pay attention to permissions
The fourth way to prevent theft of your personal data is to pay attention to the Permission. Each will install an application, surely we will be asked for permission (permission) about what things can be accessed by an application. This permission is what we need to pay attention to too.
Make sure what the application will access is indeed relevant. If one simple application has a very wide access request, it needs to be watched out. For example, a simple flashlight application asks permission to access media files and locations. This is certainly very suspicious. It’s better not to install this kind of application.

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