Simple tips for dealing with door problems

The cause of a lock that is malfunctioned or difficult to be open is due to the entry of random objects or dirt into the lock house (cylinder) or the occurrence of rust on the mechanical system of the door lock. It can also be caused by a spring or a mechanical door lock that is weak, damaged or broken. It could also happen because the bolt and the lock holder of the door were rocking, the operation of the key to the cylinder was not right but was forced, the door lock was old and others. In the meantime, perhaps you should call locksmith DC NW when your door lock is jammed.

The way to open a jammed door without breaking it is by using a minus screwdriver and a hammer or anything of metal that is thin enough and can be hit at the end. Then, look for the door hinges and give lubricant to the open gap. Tap or hit the hinge with the hammer until all the bolts open and the hinge detaches from the house. If all the hinges have been released, then we can gouge the door a little at a time.

The loosened door handle can be caused by the L pin screw not being installed or improper installation. Here’s how to deal with a loose door handle:

First, release the doorknob or key house from the door.

Second, observe the damage, if it looks damaged, broken, worn or loose, plugs the connecting iron of the door handle into the keyhole.

Third, tuck the metal plate in the cracks between the connecting iron and the inside of the keyhole on the door handle.

Fourth, make sure the metal plate is tightly pinched in the cracks and the connecting iron does not sway again.

Fifth, reinstall the door handle and move it.

When working properly, means the door handle is no longer damaged.

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