Prevent heart disease with this simple tips

Increasing cases of coronary heart disease worldwide encourage many researchers and scientists to study closely the relationship between niacin and cholesterol. Over the years, niacin and cholesterol have been linked together in many studies conducted both here and abroad. Research on some links of niacin and cholesterol together states that niacin can help prevent the rise in bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Nicotinic acid or vitamin B-3 found in many of these foods can actually damage bad cholesterol in the blood when taken in high doses for an extended period of time.

People who have tried to use cholesterol control niacin have reported that their cholesterol levels are dramatically decreased after taking niacin for sometime. However, since our body is not really built to take in excessive amounts of niacin, many people who take niacin supplements to lower their cholesterol levels often suffer from mild to moderate side effects.

Some of the most common side effects experienced by people taking niacin are flushing supplements, hives, indigestion, changes in blood glucose, hot flashes and palpitations. Although niacin proved effective in controlling blood cholesterol levels and there were no reports of serious side effects in using cholesterol control niacin, many experts insist that niacin should not be considered an alternative to both diet and exercise to lower blood cholesterol levels. In addition to eating properly, you should also start moving around a bit more. People who spend too much time on the couch watching TV are more susceptible to illness than those who take a walk and visit the gym at least three times a week. In addition, people who exercise look much better than those who do not exercise. Controlling cholesterol with niacin supplements is a good thing but eat a balanced diet and exercise even better. If you are worried about your blood cholesterol level, change your diet. Forget about greasy and fatty foods. They will not do you very well.

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