Mistakes of the Digital Marketing Concept

Business activities around the world often use digital marketing as an important part of their promotions. This is because many companies have succeeded in using digital marketing and advertising. Growth of digital market also has specifications that can attract various trademarks to follow it. But we cannot just have a quality source that is pushed all the time, because the digital marketing firm has some misunderstanding of representation.

As for a number of mistakes the concepts regarding digital marketing and advertising include:

Digital marketing is not social media
Social media is not a process. It is a digital platform. This indicates that their idea of digital marketing is only through social media applications. Social media applications are only one important part of digital marketing. Actually, the concept of digital marketing has a very broad concept. Digital marketing involves everything that forms can be expanded such as using computers, smartphones, billboards, radio or television, e-mail, and mobile websites.

Digital marketing is considered not valid for small businesses
This is a mistake in thinking, small business makes the entrepreneur reluctant to promote through digital marketing. Digital marketing helps in communicating with customers and does not matter whether the business being undertaken is still small or large. Employers can post business profiles and products into social media.

Digital marketing is considered expensive
Many small businesses think that digital marketing is expensive, so small business owners refuse to do digital marketing. They believe that digital marketing spends a lot of payments rather than marketing through ordinary marketing. But in reality, there are many growing platforms that are cheap and affordable to facilitate digital marketing. Every day the business market grows and develops in various countries, giving rise to the formation of digital marketing to facilitate marketing. In fact, in today’s business world, many companies have difficulties in marketing digital marketing, this is influenced by the credibility of areas that are difficult to reach by digital marketing.

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