Lack of maintenance dufan experience severe incident

Sufficient events made the heart beat faster this time not only this time, before the Tornado ride in Wahana Dunia Fantasi (Dufan) also experienced technical errors when dufan mati incident occursand resulted in a stop the game stopped spinning. A number of incidents have made Ancol’s image increasingly tarnished, moreover the recreation area is increasingly mushrooming around the capital, which will make Ancol abandoned by citizens of the capital. “We have been checking regularly, even so what happened last Sunday will be a lesson for us,” Nike Putri, Public Relations of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol. Whatever objections submitted by Ancol management does not seem to be easy to eradicate the traumatic Jakarta residents in general and incident victims in particular.Although not all regions represent the entire large continent in the world. The existing game platform also represents each region that is carried since the incident of dufan mati. Including ornaments around the area. Dozens of games that Dufan offers are of various types. Starting from the nature that is only for fun until the adrenaline is very high so that the body feels like flying promo dufan ancol.

It seems to be able to enjoy the whole game that is in Dufan is not enough with just one day. After all, all the vehicles in Dufan are like “opium” effects. Because even though I have tried the vehicle before it is guaranteed to be addicted to trying it again.This is one of the new extreme vehicles in Dufan. By having two towers and seating around the entire side of the tower. Trying Hysteria, as if thrown up in one second, then thrown down quickly. This was done repeatedly. So it is not uncommon for visitors not to dare to try this vehicle except those who really like the challenge. One more one extreme ride but always makes people addicted to trying again and again one of this ride become catasthropic when dufan mati event occurs.

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