Know What Are The Proper Care For Your Scooter or Motor

Electric scooter or electric motor would require proper maintenance and different from the ordinary motor in general. It makes you have to know what treatments you can take for the escooter you have at home. That way, then the vehicle will be able to walk and work in accordance with the time period that you set yourself.

In the treatment performed, certainly different from the motor in general. You need to know what kind of treatment is compatible with your electric motor and the type you use. Some of the right treatments for the escooter are

Temperature checks include temperature measurements on bearing-bearings and electric motor stator as a whole. This inspection can be performed by using Gun Temperature, Infrared Temperature or other similar thermometers with the Non-Contact Thermometer principle.
Checking should be done when the electric motor is in a state of operation (Running), the Normal temperature electric motor is below 75°C. Perform temperature checking every 1 week.

– Vibration
Vibration or high or abnormal Vibration is one of the triggers of damage to the electric motor, and to determine the condition of the motor, the vibration check should be done when the electric motor is operating (Running).
Vibration checking can be done using a vibration measuring device or Vibration Pen.
Vibration value or Vibration the smaller the better, maximum vibration value that can still be tolerated is less than 5 mm / s. This Vibration Inspection can be done once every 3 months.

– Sound or noise
Sound or noise checks need to be done when the electric motor is in operation, Sound or noise auditing can be done manually, by listening to abnormal sounds.
A more accurate examination can also be performed using a stethoscope to determine the condition of the motor bearing. This check can be done every 1 week.

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