Know These Three Types Of Grass And Find The Best For Your Page

On a home page, usually, the grass into a plant that does not need to be forgotten because will make the page look more beautiful. However, the grass has been old and not good for other plants around it. Then you will need the right lawn mower for that matter. you can use the best zero turn mowers to Play the grass in your yard.

The type of grass that is there to be planted in the yard is also there are several types, such as

1. Japanese Grass
Japanese grass is the next choice for most people to beautify the page. This grass has the characteristics of having a neat shape and leaf strands that are thin and tight. But you must be diligent to trim this grass, because if too long will close the bottom of the plant so it will lack light and yellowing. Pruning can be done at least once a month. Fertilization should also be more than elephant grass and can be done twice a month. This grass should also get more sun exposure.

2. Swiss grass
This type of grass has the most beautiful leaf texture compared to other types of grasses. However, if you plan to implant this type, then you should put it in an area sufficiently exposed to sunlight because of the type of grass that one can not stand the weather and moist humidity. Thus, sunlight will always be used. If you want to get the maximum view of swiss grass, then you should cut it regularly so that the leaves look neat.

3. Grass Golf
This grass has a very charming and neat look. However, if you have this grass then prepare to cut it at least 2 times a week to maintain its appearance. Do not forget to provide intensive sunlight and do not put it in any place that requires regular and intensive care. This type of grass is very appropriate for a wide expanse of land.

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