Know the exotic imported flowers

A florist generally does not only provide local flowers. To meet the demand of the market, they also provide various types of selected imported flowers. Imported flowers are often used at weddings for decorating rooms or bridal flower bouquets. Apart from that, don’t hesitate to check out the reputable florists near you when you’re looking for ramos de flores that made with imported flowers.

1. Kenya Rose

Over the past few years, Kenya has been one of the largest exporting countries of roses. The country located in East Africa has the best rose fields in the world. Planted in the highlands of Nyahururu, Nyandarua as high as 2,400 meters above sea level, Kenya roses have unique characteristics compared to roses from other countries.
Kenya Rose Flowers, as the preferred import flower, also has hundreds of species in various colors and shapes. The advantage of this rose is its thick flower petals so that it is more durable compared to roses from other countries. Kenya’s roses can last around 7-14 days, even if they are in a cold climate, Kenya’s roses can last up to 20 days.

2. Ecuador Rose

Ecuador is a country in the southern part of America and is one of the best locations in the world for breeding roses. The climate in Ecuador precisely on the slopes of the Andes mountains is very suitable for building beautiful flower plantations. Ecuadorian rose flowers have fairly large flower characteristics, strong colors, stems and leaves look healthy and shiny. No wonder Ecuador’s roses are the preferred import flower that is sold at high prices. To work around this in a series, you can add some local roses that are designed in such a way that the Ecuadorian roses still look beautiful and graceful.

3. Rose Flowers Holland

From its name it can be guessed that the selected import interest came from the Netherlands. Holland’s rose flower is the most common type on the market. The characteristic of this flower is to have a stem between 30 cm – 50 cm, flower buds look healthy and strong and have freshness longer after being cut which is about 8-9 days in normal temperature.

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