Here are 5 Easy Ways to Clean a Thick Hairy Carpet

Caring for the thick hairy carpet is really easy, thorough carpet cleaning  as long as we know how. Well, here are tips for thorough carpet cleaning for the thick, hairy ones that you can apply at home that we’re going to share with you.

Start at Site Selection

Why is the selection of a carpet installation important? Because in the corner of the room where the carpet will be installed will affect the cleanliness and frequency of the carpet treatment itself. Instead, place the carpet in an area far from the door or window, because dust will easily enter and stick to the fur of the carpet through the cracks of the door or window.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner Machine

A vacuum cleaner is the most appropriate tool we can use to clean a fur carpet at home. If there are stains that cannot be removed using only a vacuum cleaner, rub the carpet with a soft textured brush. Avoid using a hard-bristled brush because this will cause the hair on the carpet to lose.
Another tip that you can apply is to coat the top of the carpet with a soft cloth, so the fur on the carpet will not fall out when cleaned.

Pay attention to the use of antinode carpet cleaners

Antinoda carpet cleaners are currently found on the market. But before deciding to use it, read and pay attention to the instructions carefully. Make sure the substance contained in the cleaning product is indeed safe for the fiber of your fur carpet fabric at home. Another alternative that you can snack on is to use warm water mixed with vinegar and detergent as carpet cleaning material.

Before Washing Carpets, This Is What You Should Look For

Before deciding to wash thick hairy carpets, there are several things you need to pay attention to. The first is to make sure that the carpet can indeed be washed. Because there are several fur rugs that are not machine washable. Washing this type of carpet should not be done carelessly, we must know the way. Before putting the carpet in the washing machine, you should wrap the carpet with a pillowcase or cotton cloth first.

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