Good driving behavior on the highway

Some people use vehicles to support their daily activities. Ranging from routines to offices, campuses, to shopping centers, to be used for family vacation purposes. In addition to driving safely, health is also an important factor and needs to be considered along with the existence of climate change. On the other hand, you may also consider taking the recommended DOT physical if you wish to ensure your safety when you have to drive alone DOT physical.

The following tips are healthy and safe when driving:

Correct sitting position

Sit in an upright position and lean on the seat. Find the most comfortable position by adjusting the position of the seat forward or backward. Make sure you can step on the pedal easily. Also adjust the seat back so that the steering wheel can be easily operated.

Note the condition of the cabin filter

In addition to producing cool air, air conditioning (air conditioner / AC) must also produce healthy air. The air quality of the air conditioner is affected by the condition of the cabin filter. This part is still very rare to notice when driving. If the filter is dirty, the ability to filter dirty air will decrease. It is recommended to check the condition of the cabin filter every three months.

Food & Beverage Intake

With enough food and drink, you can be more focused when driving. Especially if you travel far. The use of air conditioning can cause dehydration so it must be balanced by consuming water regularly, which is around 150-250 ml per hour.

Ensure excellent physical condition

The condition of the rider is very important to note in order to avoid things that are not desirable. Make sure you are fit and get enough sleep before you start driving. Not only the physical condition of the rider, but the physical condition of the car also needs attention. Do not forget to service routine vehicle maintenance.

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