Dufan recreate new service to replace visitors dissapointment

The cost for recreation here is not too big when compared to a vehicle that can be tried. In addition, the Ancol area which is a coastal area in the city of Jakarta can be a means of introducing nature to children.There are many interesting games with high technology and guaranteed security since dufan mati incident that you can try. You can try to boost adrenaline by trying the game in Dufan. For example a tornado, where when you are at a certain height, your body will be played for many times at high speed. While Color of Kingdom is a vehicle for shows that tell the story of saving the princess from the captives of a giant dragon.

I hope you remember waiting in line for hours to experience the latest adventure trips and I hope that you remember the joy of being able to eat as much junk food as you want during your visit to the amusement park. Closing the end of the year, precisely in December, Fantasy World will present Time Adventures, which will invite visitors to explore the past to gain more visitors after recent dufan mati incident. Especially in a crowded period of visitors, it’s good to have a plan, in order to save time. In addition, Dufan also actually provides facilities for baby stroller or stroller. This baby carriage can be used for free. But unfortunately, the number is limited. The following is a vehicle that is suitable for children. Still in the European region, but to the east side of the Istana Boneka. This vehicle is a kind of stuntman live action performance. On the stage there were various special effects such as moving performances, explosions, shots and the use of water and fire. This vehicle is in the Indonesian region and close to TreasureLand rides. Alap-alap is a roller coaster ride but in mini size for children.

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