Basic SEO Techniques Bloggers Need to Know

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of blog optimization by targeting search engines as a source of traffic. As has often been alluded to in the article about the tips-tricks of the blog, that SEO is broadly divided into two parts, namely on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both are equally needed. In applying SEO techniques, things that must be avoided are SEO techniques that contain spam. Search engines hate blogs that are developed in ways that contain spamming, especially Google, so you should really avoid them. If you are looking for SEO that Perfect for Small Businesses, you can visit our website.

Here are some basic SEO techniques that a blogger must know:

– Use a good template
Templates are a framework or container that wraps all the contents of your blog. If you use a template that is not good or less SEO friendly, then this can impact on the maximum number of visitors to your blog.

– Techniques for writing articles
Articles can be made at will. However, to make the article that we write can be filled with SEO, you must pay attention to several important things so that the article falls into the category of SEO friendly articles. SEO friendly articles can be written with SEO friendly writing techniques

– Build backlinks naturally
A backlink is one of the most important capital to develop a blog. You can pay attention to blogs that have high traffic, surely these blogs already have a lot of backlinks. However, the right technique for building backlinks must be prioritized, because stacking backlinks with the wrong method will only bury your blog from SERPs.

– The frequency of article updates
If you want the blog you created to be visited by many people, make sure you keep the article update frequency. Post regularly and scheduled, because this will determine the development process of your blog.

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