Should someone create a blog? This question is very intriguing for anyone who often surf. For those who love the internet would have often seen blogs of bloggers both in the country and outside. Slightly of course already know the function of a blog, then the question arises as above. Inspired by the case I decided to create a blog, a place where I can share what I know to everyone in the world.

The blog is short for weblog. In general, the blog is an application in the form of posts and images that are published in a post. The post sequence of posts in reverse where the newest first just followed the old and blog usually can be accessed by all internet users. As I said before, that’s why I created a blog, to share!

At first, I created a blog just as a personal diary. Until now blog also still I use as a personal diary. Diary in a blog is more practical than a diary in the form of a book of antiquity. Where blogs can be accessed from anywhere and anytime there is no word left at home like a book. The possibility of damage is smaller. To access only required a keyword. Blogs can also be used as a place of teaching and learning, which can be loaded with notes in school or campus. Can also be a record of your googling results. Blogs can also be a means of learning the internet world more deeply and there are many lessons that can be learned from a blog.

In addition, I created a blog too for me to get friends. Yes, friend. Imagine from the millions of blogs there are certainly some who agree with you. With frequent comments then there was communication and introduction then that’s where you start socializing. Even can be further and more familiar with social networking sites like facebook twitter and so forth. Blogs can also treat your loneliness where, when you are saturated and have lots of free time and confused what to do, why do not you try to create a blog where you can spend your hours for hours by itself make you concentrate and forget the thoughts that interfere with you. Because with a blog you are free to create as long as it can still be accountable. Thus blogs also become entertainment and fun.

If you are a happy person to share and want to help many people with information or expertise like I do, then blogs can be used as a tool for it. Because blogs can be read by everyone and reach all over the world. Are not we encouraged to share with others? Any small information will be very useful for the needy. So, do you want to share stories, knowledge and also excitement with me? If so, read the articles I have created for you all, hopefully, what I write on this blog can be useful for you or those around you. Happy blogging!